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19.06.02 #lessons

How to HSLAa

A more programmatic way of creating colors

19.05.19 #didyouknow

The <base /> element

A neat way to control anchor tags

19.04.28 #didyouknow

Don't DIV everything

Make your HTML more semantic with better tags

19.04.21 #lessons

A simpler way to footer

Getting things to stay at the bottom of your page.

19.04.13 #lessons

CSS variables and their scopes

A reminder on css variables and how they work

19.04.07 #didyouknow

Data and attributes as selectors

Unique ways to select your elements ;)

19.04.01 #lessons

Hover effect using border

Make use of the ::before element for border effects

19.03.24 #didyouknow

Infinite animation iteration

Will infinite animations trigger animationend ?

19.03.06 #itsnotworking

Try being more specific

For all those times you've wondered why an element does not apply your CSS.

19.03.05 #lessons

You better be absolutely sure

Placing things on the right spot of the page is hard!

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